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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8540001
author name: Oliver Optic [pseud. William Taylor Adams]
volume title: Indoors and Out: or, Views from the Chimney Corner
text title: "The Two Daguerreotypes: A Temperance Tale"
notes: An illustrated tale wherein the daguerreotype is central to the plot.
keywords: Oliver Optic, William Taylor Adams
Ewer archive: B8540002
author name: William H. C. Hosmer
volume title: The Poetical Works of William H. C. Hosmer
text title: "To Helena"
notes: A poem inspired by a daguerreotype by Gabriel Harrison.
keywords: William H. C. Hosmer, Gabriel Harrison, Helena, Helia
January 1854
Pioneer: or California Monthly
(San Francisco)
Ewer archive: P8540005
notes: A paragraph about the daguerreotype and the stereoscope. Mentions the Shew gallery at the corner of Sacramento and Montgomery streets.
keywords: Jacob Shew, William Shew, stereoscope
January 1854
Peterson's Magazine (Philadelphia)
Ewer archive: P8540010
author name: Martha Cameron
text title: "To the Daguerreotype of an Estranged Friend"
notes: A poem of sentiment.
keywords: Martha Cameron
14 April 1854
Daily Boston Atlas
Ewer archive: N8540002
author name: J. E. L.
text title: "The Bride of the Stereoscope"
notes: A short poem inspired by a stereo-daguerreotype of a bride in the Grand Parlor and Gallery stereoscope of Southworth and Hawes.
keywords: J. E. L., Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes
July 1854
Pioneer: or California Monthly
(San Francisco)
Ewer archive: P8540006
author name: "S." (William Shew, attrib.)
text title: "Photography"
notes: A text of some length providing a brief history of photography.
keywords: William Shew, Mrs. Fulhame, Elizabeth Fulhame, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, James. M. Wattles, Thomas Wedgewood, Sir Humphrey Davy, Nicephore Niépce, William Henry Fox Talbot, Samuel F. B. Morse, John William Draper, Matthew D. Van Loan, James R. Chilton, Alexander S. Wolcott, John F. Mascher, stereoscope, Marcus A. Root, John A. Whipple
15 July 1854
Humphrey's Journal
Ewer archive: P8540002
author name: "Poeta Photographicus"
notes: A short poem intending to provide a rough guide to portraiture exposure times based on light and weather conditions.
keywords: Poeta Photographicus
November 1854
Photographic and Fine-Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8540007
author name: John H. Fitzgibbon
text title: Two texts: "Daguerreotyping in the Backwoods," and "The 'Arkansaw Traveler' Daguerreotyped"
notes: Two texts providing anecdotes of Fitzgibbon's adventures while touring.
keywords: John F. Fitzgibbon, Arkansaw Traveler, Arkansas Traveler
December 1854
Photographic and Fine Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8540008
author name: "Justice" [pseud. John F. Fitzgibbon]
text title: "The Trials of a Day; or, an Artists Troubles"
notes: A lengthy humorous, fictional tale certainly based on various experiences.
keywords: John H. Fitgibbon, “Justice”
29 December 1854
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Ewer archive: N8540003
notes: A notice of legal proceedings regarding daguerreian galleries conducting business on Sunday.
keywords: business on Sunday