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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

1 January 1862
Humphrey's Journal (New York)
Ewer archive: P8620002
text title: "The Daguerreotype—Its Present Position"
notes: A discussion about the place of the daguerreotype in the then-current photographic market. The text mentions photographers still making daguerreotypes.
keywords: Charles A. Seely, Abraham Bogardus, Rufus Anson, Jeremiah Gurney, Charles H. Williamson, Marcus A. Root
8 February 1862
Scientific American
Ewer archive: P8620001
text title: "Fortunes and Misfortunes of an Artist"
notes: An informative biography of M. A. Root, one of most successful and influential daguerreotypists.
keywords: Marcus Aurelius Root
Ewer archive: B8630001
author name: Virginia Penny
book title: The Employments of Women: A Cyclopaedia of Woman’s Work
text title: "Daguerreans"; "Photographists and Colorists"
notes: Two sections discussing photographic-related occupations for women.
keywords: Virginia Penny, John William Draper, ivorytype
15 December 1863
British Journal of Photography
Ewer archive: P8630001
author name: Jabez Hughes
text title: "The Discoverer of the Use of Bromine in Photography: a few facts and an Appeal"
notes: An argument for the priority of John Frederick Goddard as the discoverer of the use of bromine as an accelerator.
keywords: John Frederick Goddard, Jabez Hughes, John Johnson, Alexander S. Wolcott, Samuel F. B. Morse, Richard Beard, William Carpmael, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Hippolyte Fizeau
(speech of 24 April 1840)
Ewer archive: B8640002
author name: Samuel F. B. Morse (in title published by Marcus Root)
book title: The Camera and The Pencil
notes: Root provides an extract of a speech by Samuel F. B. Morse at the National Academy of Design, 24 April 1840.
keywords: Samuel F. B. Morse
Transactions of the Historic Society
of Lancashire and Cheshire

Ewer archive: P8650001
author name: John T. Towson
text title: "The History of Photography to the Year 1844"
notes: A summary of process improvements.
keywords: John T. Towson, John Baptist Porta, Thomas Wedgewood, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Joseph Nicephore Niépce, Robert Hunt, John W. Draper, William Henry Fox Talbot, John F. Goddard, Antoine Claudet
May 1869
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine
Ewer archive: P8690001
author name: T. B. Thorpe
text title: "Webster, Clay, Calhoun, and Jackson: How They Sat for their Daguerreotypes"
notes: Inidividual ancedotes of these four statesmen sitting for their daguerreotypes.
keywords: Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Andrew Jackson, Mathew B. Brady