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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

February 1870
Philadelphia Photographer
Ewer archive: P8700001
author name: Edward L. Allen
text title: "Old Times"
notes: A transcript of a paper delivered to the Boston Photographic Association.
keywords: Edward L. Allen, Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, Marcus Ormsbee, George M. Silsbee, John Adams Whipple, James Wallace Black, Austin Augustus Turner
22 June 1871
Anthony's Photographic Bulletin
Ewer archive: P8710001
author name: Montgomery Pike Simons
text title: "An Exquisite Picture"
notes: An anecdote of the taking of a daguerreotype of a child and the family dog.
keywords: Montgomery Pike Simons, Newfoundland dog
October 1871
Philadelphia Photographer
Ewer archive: P8710002
author name: Albert Sands Southworth
text title: "An Address" (delivered June 1870)
notes: A transcript of a paper delivered to the National Photographic Association. Southworth recalls his own history, then follows with a call for artistic study and endeavor.
keywords: Albert Sands Southworth, Joseph Pennell, Josiah Johnson Hawes, François Gouraud, Samuel F. B. Morse, Alexander S. Wolcott, John Johnson, Joseph Ames, Chase, Samuel Bemis, 5 1/2 Tremont Row, 19 Tremont Row, Washington Allston, “Outlines and Sketches”
April, May 1872
Phrenological Journal
and Life Illustrated

Ewer archive: P8720001
text title: "History of Photography in America, with Pen Portraits of Prominent Workers"
notes: Although not widely known, this text is a useful, non-regional summary of influential photographers.
keywords: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, Thomas Wedgewood, Sir Humphry Davy, William Henry Fox Talbot, Charles R. Meade, Frederick Scott Archer, François Gouraud, John William Draper, Alexander Simon Wolcott, John Johnson, Paul Beck Goddard, Edward Anthony, Henry T. Anthony, 591 Broadway, Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, Mathew B. Brady, Frederick L. Langenheim, Abraham Bogardus, John Adams Whipple, William B. Jones, James A. Cutting, George G. Rockwood, Frederick A. Wenderoth, William Kurtz, William Nottman, Lewis M. Rutherford, D. C. Chapman, William H. Badeau, Vincent M. Wilcox, Marcus Aurelius Root
June 1872
Philadelphia Photographer
Ewer archive: P8720002
author name: Albert Sands Southworth
text title: "An Address"
notes: A transcript of a paper delivered at the Fourth Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the National Photographic Association. The paper is a call for artistic study and endeavor and is indicative of Southworth's own aesthetic.
keywords: Albert Sands Southworth
Ewer archive: B8730001
author names: T. A. Barry and B. A. Patten
book title: Men and Memories of San Francisco: in the “Spring of ’50” (selected text)
notes: In this reminiscence of San Francisco in 1850, the authors mention Henry W. Bradley (later of Bradley and Rulofson).
keywords: Henry W. Bradley
9 December 1874
St. Louis Christian Advocate
Ewer archive: N8740001
author name: Ellen E. Hebron
text title: "Lines"
notes: A poem of religious sentiment regarding "God's daguerreotype."
keywords: Ellen E. Hebron
Ewer archive: B8750001
author name: Samuel Irenaeus Prime
book title: The Life of Samuel F. B. Morse, LL. D.: Inventor of the Electro-Magnetic Recording Telegraph (selected text)
notes: An overview of Morse's involvement with the daguerreotype.
keywords: Samuel F. B. Morse, Samuel Irenaeus Prime, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, John William Draper, Alexander S. Wolcott, François Arago, M. Niepce de Saint-Victor, Eben Norton Horsford
1 October 1875
Evening Star
Ewer archive: N8750001
text title: The Spelling Bee
notes: A brief text asserting a correct pronunciation for the word "daguerreotype."
keywords: pronunciation of the word daguerreotype
July 1877
St. Louis Practical Photographer
Ewer archive: B8750001
author name: James Wallace Black
text title: "Days Gone By"
notes: A reminiscence by Black regarding daguerreian activity in Boston.
keywords: James Wallace Black, John A. Leroy, Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, John Adams Whipple, Luther Holman Hale, Benjamin French