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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (January 3) in the year 1852, the following advertisement appeared in the "American Courier" (Philadelphia; Vol 21. No.44): ---------------------------------------------------------------- DAGUERREOTYPES! ROOT STILL VICTORIOUS! Three more First Prizes, Gold and Silver Medals-- Twelve Premiums Awarded! ONE AND ONLY ONE PORTRAIT OF KOSSUTH has been taken in this country, and this was by Root's Camera recently, as the hero sat in his carriage on Staten Island. Step in at 140 Chestnut Street, if you want the Best DAGUERREOTYPE to be had in America,--or if you would learn most thoroughly this beautiful art,--or if you would but the Right of making the Crayon or Vig- nette Daguerreotypes, which artists so admire and the public are learning to prize,--or if you would purchase the Cameras manufactured by C. C. Harrison, of New York, which equal, if not transcend the foreign article, and which ROOT keeps constantly for sale, and tests in all cases before they leave his studio. ROOT'S DAGUERREOTYPE ROOMS, d 27 2tt 140 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Also in the same issue is a wood engraving of "The French Usurper. PORTRAIT OF L. NAPOLEON. From an actual daguerreotype taken in the city of Paris, for M. A. Root, the Philadelphia daguerreotypist." ----------------------------------------------------------------- 01-03-96

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