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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day, January 8, in the year 1846, the following advertisements appeared in the "Pennsylvania Reporter, and Home Journal" (Harrisburg) Vol. 4, No. 145: - - - - - - - DAGUERRIAN GALLERY, Over Speel & Zollinger's Hat Store. SILVER MEDAL AWARDED BY THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE TO VAN LOAN. For the best Daguerreotype Pictures ever exhibited in PHILADELPHIA. Admittance Free! dec25tf. * * * * * * * PLUMBE DAGUERREIAN GALLERIES Of Patent Colored Photographs-- REMOVED to 136 CHESNUT Street, Philadel- phia. 251 BROADWAY, New York, 75 COURT street, Boston, Corner of NORTH and BALTIMORE streets, Baltimore and DOUW'S BUILDING, Albany; Constituting the oldest and most extensive establish- ment of the kind in the world, and containing upwards of a THOUSAND PICTURES! ADMITTANCE FREE. These Portraits having been awarded the medal, four first premiums, and two highest honors, at the exhibitions at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, are thus officially sustained in the position of superi- ority heretofore universally assigned them by the pub- lic, as the most perfect, and the most beautiful Daguer- reotypes ever produced. Likenesses taken every day without regard to the weather. This Establishment having been awarded the Medal Four First Premiums, and two "Highest Honors" at the Exhibitions in Boston, New York and Philadel- phia, respectively, for best Pictures and Apparatus, is thus officially sustained in the position of superiority heretofore universally assigned it by the public, as "First in the World." Price of these superb Photographs reduced to that of ordinary ones at other places, so that no one need now sit for an inferior likeness on the score of econo- my. m28tf. -------------------------------------------------------------- 01-08-99

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