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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Another post about some non-daguerreian activities of the Boston daguerreotypist John A. Whipple. On this day (February 6) in the year 1850, the following advertisement appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": - - - - - SOMETHING NEW. J. A. WHIPPLE has open an Exhibition at his well known Daguerreo- type Rooms. No 96 Washington street, Boston, on EVERY EVENING, (except Sunday,) of Voightlander's superior Achromatic Instruments for dissolving views, consisting of a series of splendid European and Ameri- can Painting by some of the first French, Italian and German masters. Pyramic Fires of Chromaltropes, Kaleidoscopes and of Daguerreotypes, thrown upon the screen the size of life. Tickets 25 cents each, to be had at his rooms and at Ticknor & Co's and Munroe & Co's bookstores. Doors open at 6 1/2 o'clock; exhibition commences at 7 o'clock. As the number of tickets for each exhibition is limit- ed, it would be desirable for those wishing to attend to purchase their tickets as early in the day as convenient. Daguerreotypes taken as usual during the day. istc|| feb 6 -------------------------------------------------------------- 02-06-00

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