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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (February 7) in the year 1860, the following advertisement appeared in "The Daily Kentucky Yeoman" (Frankfort, KY) Vol. 9, No. 142 (7 January 1860). The advertisement is illustrated with a man sitting before an operator with his bellows camera. This advertisement also indicates the status of the daguerreotype in 1860: past its heyday--although still obtainable; yet still the standard of accuracy against which other forms of photography were measured. - - - - - - - PORTER'S ART PALACE, No. 100 Fourth street, opposite the Post-Office, Cin- cinnati, Ohio, PORTER & HOAG, PROPRIETORS. This is the largest and most magnificent establish- ment in America, and it contains the most high- ly-finished and beautiful display of Life and Minia- ture Portraits, in oil colors. PHOTOGRAPHS, Taken from life, or copied from Daguerreotypes, to any size, and finished in oil colors, giving a splendid Portrait in oil with all the accuracy of a Daguer- reotype. Our Kentucky Friends Will please bear in mind that all work done at our Gallery is warranted satisfactory. WE OCCUPY Fifteen rooms, and employ six of the best Painters in this country, and take great pleasure in giving our customers the most artistic and highly finished work. Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, & Me- lainotypes Taken daily at very reasonable prices. Come by all means when you visit our city and see this beautiful Gallery of Art. PORTER & HOAG. No. 100 Fourth st., opposite the Post-Office. apr7 w&t-wly -------------------------------------------------------------- 02-07-00

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