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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (February 16) in the year 1861, the following article appeared in "The New-York Illustrated News" (New York; Vol. III, No. 67) The article is accompanied with a wood-engraving portrait of H. W. M. Meade and an illustration of the gallery interior. The text and illustrations can be seen at: http://www.daguerre.org/resource/texts/meade61.html - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HENRY WILLIAM MATHEW MEADE. Prominent among the pioneers of the Art of Photography and Daguerreotyping in the United States, stands the old firm of Meade Brothers. We this week present our readers with the likeness of Mr. H. W. M Meade, one of the firm, and a sketch of the interior of their Gallery, situated at 233 Broadway. The Meade Brothers have received more testimonials perhaps, during the last twenty years, than any other persons in the profession. The following list will give some idea of the extent and value of the public honors which have been conferred upon them, viz.: Complimentary letter from Daguerre, the inventor, 1848; from Louis Phillipe, King of the French, for views of Niagara Falls, 1842; from the Emperor of Russia, for views of Niagara Falls, 1844; from Queen Victoria, for medals of Clay and Webster, 1853; from Louis Napoleon, for medals of Clay and Webster, 1853; from Queen Victoria, for photograph of Captain Hartstein and ship Resolute; from the late Lola Montez, for picture of herself; from Fletcher Webster, son of Daniel Webster; diploma from New York State Agricultural Society for best pictures; 3 diplomas from American Institute for best pictures; 2 diplomas from Societe Libre des Beaux Arts, Paris; medal from London Exhibition, 1851; medal from French Exhibition, 1855; 1 gold medal, 5 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal from American Institute, for best pictures exhibited, &c., &c., Mr. H. W. M. Meade was born in England, in 1823, and came to the United States in 1833. He commenced his profession in Albany twenty years ago, and from that time to the present he has devoted himself to improvements in the art of photography. In 1858 he had the misfortune to lose his brother, but the reputation of his establishment being made, it was thought advisable to retain the old style of Meade Brothers, without alteration. Mr. Meade has several times been to Europe to examine the progress of the art in the chief European capitals, with a view to improvements in his own establishment. For eleven years Messrs. Meade have occupied the same building in Broadway. It is opposite the Park, and has lately been rebuilt to suit his increasing business. The galleries and operating rooms have been entirely refitted, and contain every convenience for prosecuting the beautiful art in all its branches. Mr. Meade and his sister attend personally to visitors, and are always ready to afford any information in their power, and to offer every courtesy which the politeness of business requires. They are assisted by a corps of eminent artists, among whom may be mentioned Mr. James Landy, photographer, and Ch. Guillmann, artist in oil, &c. They produce every style of picture of which the art is capable--and it is no matter what the weather may be, whether stormy or sunny, the picture is always equally good. The Gallery of Meade Brothers contains some fine portraits of illustrious men and women, both American and European. Among them are Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Lola Montez, Abbott Lawrence, Rachel, Com. Perry, Major Anderson, &c. -------------------------------------------------------------- 02-16-97

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