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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (February 17) in the year 1853, the following item appeared in the "Boston Evening Transcript": ------------------------------------------------------------- THE MOST SPLENDID DAGUERREOTYPE ROOMS in the world, are those of Mr. Hale, 109 Washington street, one of the most eminent artists in his profession. It will re recollected by many that Mr. Hale disposed of this elegant establishment last spring, to a person not familiar with the business, and consequently did not succeed in maintaining the unrivalled reputation to which it had attained in the hands of its former owner. Through the solicitations of his many friends, and having a strong predilection for this truly beautiful art, Mr. Hale was induced to re- purchase his former stand, since which time it has been entirely remodelled and greatly enlarged, and it may now be truly said to be a perfect Daguerreian Palace, which for elegance and refined taste displayed in its arrangements cannot be surpassed by any other similar establishment in existence. Mr. Hale is really deserving of much credit, not only for the enterprise which he exhibits, but also for the pains and expense he has so liberally incurred for the pleasure as well as the comfort and convenience of those who are pleased to call upon him. Boston may justly feel proud of her many elegant establishments for various kinds of business, and in this respect that of Mr. Hale will serve as a model, from which patterns may be taken, but difficult to surpass. Those who wish to procure a fine specimen of the art will find that an hour spent at this establishment is not lost, and the time spent in waiting for the execution and finish of a picture is anything but tedious. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 02-17-96

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