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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

The newspapers have been again rather quiet, so I will offer a "February" item. The following text appeared in the February, 1846 issue of "The United States Magazine, and Democratic Review" (Vol. XVIII, No. XCII, page 157): OUR PORTRAITS. -- Messrs. Anthony, Clark & Co. 247 Broadway, from whose beautiful daguerreotypes our engravings have been made, have recently added to their national gallery some of the most perfect specimens in this line of art, which are probably to be found in this country or in Europe. Among these are the likenesses of the lamented INMAN, (a beautiful collection of whose works are now exhibiting at the "ART UNION," for the benefit of his family,) the artist Weir, and others of the distinguished citizens of New-York. We refer to these artists in connection with the expensive engravings which have recently embellished the Review, both as an evidence of their success in bringing the art to a high degree of perfection, and as an inducement to our friends, in view of the promise to continue these portraits, to engage actively in extending the circulation of the work. Many of these will prove to be the only faithful and life-like representations of these men in existence, as was the case with our venerable and departed Jackson. This firm have now the most extensive and complete arrangements for taking daguerreotypes of any size--for a locket, breast-pin, or large frame; and their rapidly increasing patronage from our citizens and distinguished visitors in New-York is evidence of the success. In force, beauty, and truthfulness of expression, their likenesses are unsurpassed. -------------------------------------------------------------- 02-21-97

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