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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (March 24) in the year 1840, the following item appeared in the "Boston Evening Transcript": DAGUERREOTYPE LECTURES. We are requested, by Mr Gouraud, to say that his first lecture on the Daguerreotype process, will be given, at Masonic Temple, on Friday next, at 12 o'clock, the doors to be opened half an hour in advance. Those who hold the handbills, given at the exhibition room, will receive in exchange for them (by application at the Ticket Office of the Masonic Temple) tickets for the first, second, third, or fourth lectures. It is intended that these shall be delivered on the 27th and 31st inst, and on the 2d and 4th of April, but if the weather should be inclement on the days named, the lecture will be postponed to the next following day, at the same hour, or the first fair day. Mr Gouraud has made some beautiful photogenic drawings of Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, the first he has taken in this city, which are beautiful specimens of the Daguerreotype art, and fully equal to the best specimens executed at Paris. As the exhibition at the Horticultural rooms will be closed on the 4th of April, the day of the last lecture at the Temple, an early opportunity should be improved to visit them and examine the collection of charming pictures which have been placed there for public inspection. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (more) - - - The following item appeared in the 1855 March issue of "Ballou's Dollar Monthly Magazine" (Vol. 1, No. 3): DAGUERREOTYPING.-- The Buffalo police sent on lately a description of a rogue named Lewis Fredel, with a daguerreotype likeness of him to aid in his detection. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 03-24-96

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