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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (April 2) in the year 1853, the following advertisement appeared in the "Hartford Weekly Times" (Hartford, CT.) The advertisement is illustrated with a small wood-engraving of sitter and daguerreotypist. Further information about Augustus Washington is found in an article by David O. White, "Augustus Washington, Black Daguerreotypist of Hartfod" in "The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin" Vol. 39, No. 1 (January 1974) pp. 14-19. - - - - - - - - [ illustration ] DAGUERREOTYPES FOR 50 CENTS, CASE INCLUDED. AT THE WASHINGTON DAGUERRIAN GALLERY, NO. 136 MAIN ST. The undersigned begs leave to tender his thanks to the citizens of Hartford and the public generally, for the kind and liberal patronage they have favored him with during the past six years, and inform them that he is to be found at his old place, daily executing beauti- ful and correct miniatures, equal to his premium da- guerreotypes, at astonishing cheap prices. His stock room is filled with an extensive variety of goods that must be disposed of during the next sixty days. That all may be suited, he will sell pictures for 50 cents, $1, $1,50, $2,00, up to $10,00 according to the size, style, and quality of the case, frame, or locket. He has also on hand 100 fine GOLD LOCKETS, from six different manufacturers, of every size and variety, suitable for one, two, three, or four pictures, which he will sell cheaper than they can be bought at any other estab- lishment. [jan14 6d 13w83] A. WASHINGTON. -------------------------------------------------------------- 04-02-99

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