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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Two items for today... ------------------------------------------- The following notice appeared in the April 1854 issue of the "American Phrenological Journal" (pg 96): CHARACTERS WRITTEN OUT FROM DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES.-- When not able to ably in person, a DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESS furnishes an excellent substitute, by conveying a good general idea of the organic texture and phrenological formation, to which may be added whatever facts touching the influence of education and circumstances on the direction of organs, you please to append. They will be sent and returned by mail or express; a chart, numbered by us, will also facilitate. As writing involves labor, time and expense, our charges are, for the ordinary description, $3; but extra in proportion for more lengthy and elaborate description, not exceeding $5. It will be necessary to prepay postage on likenesses, when sent to us. We prepay return package. All letters and packages should be directed as follows: FOWLERS and WELLS, New York. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The following notice appeared in the April 4, 1840 issue of the "Boston Evening Transcript": Mr. Gouraud gave his second lecture, explanatory of the Daguerreotype process of producing pictures, yesterday. His third lecture was given today, at noon. They were well attended, and the delight manifested at the first lecture, seemed not, in the slightest degree, to have abated. The fourth and last lecture is to be given on Monday next, and the exhibition of the specimens of the art, at the Horticultural Rooms, will close on the Wednesday following. This arrangement is positive, as Mr Gouraud's attention to his private classes will require all the time he has remaining, during his visit to Boston, if we except that portion of it which he proposes to devote to the taking of portraits, by the same process by which he produces such accurate views of buildings, &c. * * * * * * * * (A brief note: I will be away for the next two weeks and will not be sending further DagNews posts until April 20th. I am heading to Boston to run in the 100th Boston Marathon...and yes, I'm pretty excited!) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 04-04-96

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