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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Although today's text carries no specific date, it only seemed appropriate to send this during the month of April, given the title of the volume in which the poem appears. From "Every Year An April" by Carrie Fall Benson (Dallas, The Kaleidograph Press, 1937) page 64. - - - - - - - DAGUERREOTYPE The world was once this lovely girl's! This was her hour of golden grace; Demurely here her silken curls Frame the bright blossom of her face. As yet no brooding shadow lies Upon her sweetly docile lips; Serene and wide, her starry eyes, Untensed, her gentle finger-tips. Love and war--the years' stern plan, Is hid behind the future's hill; And now life is a jewelled fan, A morning rose, a gay quadrille. This radiant flesh has long been dust, But here, untouched, unscarred by fate, Defying time and age and rust, Youth still looks forth, inviolate. (With thanks to Levon Register II for providing this text. He also adds that Benson was a Georgia Poet and playwright.) -------------------------------------------------------------- 04-10-00

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