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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Two brief items today and two announcements: * * * * * * * On this day (April 19) the following items appeared in their respective publications: In the 1850 issue of the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": J. M. MOZART, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST, No 265 WASHINGTON, CORNER OF WINTER STREET, BOSTON. Having had long experience in the business, J.M.M. flatters himself that he can execute Likenesses that can- not be surpassed in point of Truthfulness, Brilliancy and Durability. Pictures Colored to represent the original dress, if de- sired. Instruction in the art given and Apparatus furnished. Particular attention is paid to taking pictures of sick or deceased persons, at their residences. 1y aug 14 * * * * * In the 1849 issue of the "Daily Republican" (Springfield, Mass.): George A. Davis, a daguerreotypist, shot Ed- ward W. Banton with a rifle, heavily loaded, at Huntsville, Ala. Banton expired immediately. * * * * * In the way of announcements, I am glad to mention an attractive new web site for "William Dunniway & Company - Colodion artist and maker of ambrotypes and ferrotypes." I will mention that William promises that by next week you'll be able to click on the images for larger versions. You'll see what I mean when you visit the site...the colodion images are inviting and you automatically want to see a larger version. The URL is: http://www.armory.com/~dunniway * * * * * The second of the two announcements is admittedly commercial in nature, but as this represents their first auction, I felt that I could both accommodate their request for this mention as well as providing the readership with the knowledge of the event. (I will state here that I have no intention for DagNews to be a billboard for ongoing business ventures.) John & Jelena McWilliams ONE NATION HISTORIC ANTIQUES AUCTION Phone & mail bid auction. No hidden reserves. No buyers premium. Auction closing date May 18, 1997. Highlights of the auction include: * a broadside with a lithograph illustration of G.H. Johnson's Sacramento gallery * a sixth-plate daguerreotype of a girl holding a kitten * a sixth-plate daguerreotype of Gen. Augustus Jones of Texas * a sixth-plate daguerreotype of a Mexican military cadet A catalogue ($15.00) may be ordered from: ONE NATIONS ANTIQUES John & Jelena McWilliams 4555 N. Pershing Ave. #33-370 Stockton, CA 95207 USA Or call (209) 952-3855 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04-19-97

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