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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

I've been very quiet with DagNews lately, and I'm afraid that the infrequency will continue for a short while longer. Just to make sure that you know I haven't completely forgotten my duties, I'll give this short poem today. From "Moods and Emotions in Rhyme" (Author stated as "H. A. R.") (Boston: Crosby, Nichols, and Co., 1855) pp. 25-26: - - - - - - - THE DAGUERREOTYPE. ______ BRIGHTLY shines her blue eye on me, As it shone in days gone by; Lips and cheeks that half undone me, Brow and bosom, all are nigh,-- All with that content expression Pretty maidens' faces take,-- Maids who think it no transgression, Should they cause one's heart to break. Wilful, you would say, the owner Was of such a lip and eye; And you'd swear so, had you known her Half as long or well as I. Conscious of the power within her, Hearts she rules with regal sway; And 'tis best for saint or sinner, Who values his, to keep away. Will they,--do they,--has the schooling Some have got yet taught the rest How much fun there is in fooling, When a damaged heart's the test? No: methinks around her thronging, As they did some years ago, The million come with fruitless longing: Bright-eyed maiden, is't not so? ------------------------------------------------------------ 05-10-00

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