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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

I have a file of newspaper accounts and advertisements related to Graves and Prudden, daguerreotypists in the regions of Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catherine's, Brantford, and London, U.C. Their portable saloon is recorded in a whole-plate daguerreotype which is reproduced as Plate 4 of "American Daguerreotypes from the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection (New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery, 1989) and is further discussed in "The Graves & Prudden Daguerreotype," by Graham W. Garrett in "The Daguerreian Annual 1991" pg 108- 110. Today's post is the first of several and marks the start of the chronological appearance of these texts. The bulk of my information is from the research of Graham W. Garrett, with subsequent information by Dennis Gannon. * * * * * On this day (May 10) in the year 1852, the following advertisement appeared in the "Niagara Chronicle": - - - - - - - MESSRS GRAVES & PRUDEN would respectfully announce to the citizens of Niagara and vicinity, that they are now in Town with their Mammoth Daguerrean Saloon which they have furnished in the very best possible manner, for the sole purpose of taking the best and most life-like pictures ever taken by this process. They are now ready to receive company and extend a cordial welcome to all who are so disposed to come and examine for themselves. Come One, Come All! Whether you want Pictures or not, you will always find them in good humor and always at home. All pictures warranted to give good satisfaction or NO PAY. improve the opportunity, as they will only remain here a short time. ------------------------------------------------------------- 05-10-98

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