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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (June 4) in the year 1850, the following appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": ------------------------------------------- Improvements in the Daguerreotype. Experiments have long been making with a view to the production of colors, simultaneously with the transfer of the image to the plate which receives it; and we learn from the New York Journal of Commerce that the Messrs Meade of that city have been partially successful in accomplishing this object; and that a patent right has been secured for the process. The Journal says: The Gallery exhibits a number of interesting pictures, admirably executed, among which we noticed the Rochester Knocking Girls, who came to town a few days since, and are now at Barnum's Not Museum, but Hotel, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane. They still "retain the natural ruby of their cheeks," which, from their intercourse with ghosts, one would expect to be "blanched with fear;" nor does their appearance indicate that they themselves are drawing rapidly near to the spirit land, for such buxom-looking young ladies it is quite a treat to see in the city. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 06-04-96

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