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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

As of today, I am on a 10 day vacation and will not be sending messages again until after July 16th. I have an especially wonderful item in line for later this month...you can bet I'll be back! * * * * * On this day (July 5) in the year 1855, the following two advertisements, both by Robert Vance, appeared in "The California Farmer" (San Francisco; Vol. IV, No. 1; page 175.) The first advertisement is accompanied by a wood-engraving illustration of a family posing before the camera. - - - - - - San Francisco ahead of the World! Ever on, on apace with the Age and Times! Hurrah for Vance's new Daguerrean Gallery! Largest Light in the World, (over 500 feet Glass.) -------------- New Building, cor. Sacramento and Montgomery street. -------------- WHY should every one go to VANCE'S who wishes PERFECT LIKENESSES? Because he has now the best arranged Gallery on the Pacific Coast, and not to be sur- passed by any in the world. Instruments containing lenses more perfect, and with greater power than any ever before used in this country. 2d. Because he has the largest light in the world, from which he can form three distinct lights--top, side, and half side lights --that now enables him to overcome the great difficulty which every artist in this city has to contend with--namely: In order to obtain perfect likenesses, different formed features require differently arranged lights. 3d. Having the largest light, he is enabled to make pictures in half the time of any other establishment in the city; there- for they must be more perfect, for it is well known, the shorter the time, the more natural the expression. 4th. Because every plate is carefully prepared with a coating of pure silver which produces the clear, bold and lasting picture that is so much admired, and which cannot be produced on the common plates, as they are now used by other artists. 5th. Because he has of late, after much experimenting brought his chemical preparations to perfection, using compounds en- tirely different from anything ever before used in the art, which enables him to produce perfect likenesses, at every sitting, with that clear, soft and beautiful tone, so much admired in all his pictures. All those wishing perfect likenesses will do well to call before sitting elsewhere, and judge for themselves. Prices as reasonable, and work superior to any in the city. D o n ' t f o r g e t t h e p l a c e . New Building corner of Sacramento and Montgomery Streets, entrance on Montgomery, next door to Austin's. 17 * * * * * * * * * * * First Premium Daguerreotypes. R. H. VANCE just awarded the FIRST PREMIUM for the Best Daguerreotypes exhibited at the California State Fair. Mr. V. would be happy to wait upon any one wishing a PERFECT LIKENESS. The arrangement of his Rooms and Light are superior to any in the State. Rooms--New Building corner of Sacramento and Montgom- ery streets, entrance on Montgomery street, next door to Austin's. 16 -------------------------------------------------------------- 07-05-97

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