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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (July 22) in the year 1854, the following two items appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": - - - - - - - - - under the heading of "CITY AMUSEMENTS, BUSINESS NOTICES, &c. DAGUERREOTYPE EXHIBITION IN SPRINGFIELD. Messrs. Southworth & Hawes will next week offer our friends in Springfield, a rare treat in the way of pictures. In connection with a free display of likenesses, views, &c., they will exhibit their new Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope, filled with their "Patent Stereoscopic Daguerreotypes," being a combination of mechanical skill and sciences with the fine arts, apparently representing the solidity of marble, and the perfection, relief and distance of objects as seen by the eyes in nature. We need hardly allude to the gold and silver medals awarded them at the late Fair in Boston, as their fame must be wide-spread in this connection, and the thousands who visited it can testify the gratification which their share in it afforded. * * * * * under the heading of "NEW ADVERTISEMENTS." S O U T H W O R T H & H A W E S, DAGUERREOTYPE ROOMS, 5 1/2 Tremont Row, Boston. DIRECTLY OPPOSITE BRATTLE STREET. iseop3t jy22 (I wish to again acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Chris Steele of Boston for many of the Boston-area texts I have used in DagNews messages. We are all beneficiaries of his indefatigable research!) -------------------------------------------------------------- 07-22-99

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