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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (July 28) the following notices appeared in their respective publications: - - - - - - - - - - - - - This excerpt from the 1851 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. This interesting spectacle was witnessed this morning; fulfilling with great precision the calculations of the astronomers. ...(two paragraphs omitted)... During the eclipse this morning ten or twelve daguerreotype representations of it were taken at the Observatory at Cambridge, by Mr Whipple of this city. * * * * * * * In the 1848 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": (This advertisement is headed with a small wood-engraving of a eagle over an embellished, round crest: "PLUMBE'S DAGUERREOTYPES / 50 CENTS / 75 COURT St. BOSTON / GOLD MEDAL AWARDED TO PLUMBE") Every purchaser of a first class picture is presented with a beautiful MEDAL or a WALKING CANE, containing a superb PLUMBEOTYPE Likeness of some distinguished public character, which challenges com- petition, as the most beautiful thing of the kind, ever produced. R. PLUMBE tc je16 (Another ad by Plumbe mentioning the "Plumbeotypes" can be found in the DagNews archives at: http://www.daguerre.org/resource/dagnews/09-12-96.html ) * * * * * * * and in the 1853 "Boston Evening Transcript": IVORY PAPER MINIATURES. From specimens brought to our notice by Mr. Ormsbee, we should say, that the latest improvement he has introduced in his new style miniatures, that he has perfected the art of taking portraits. What can he further do? He now takes the likeness by Daguerreotype on Ivory, or much larger on Ivory paper. They are then colored by a miniature painter, (Mr. Clow, from Europe,) by whose artistic taste and skill the likeness is not disturbed in the least in coloring. Mr. Ormsbee is the oldest Daguerreotypist in our city. In the infancy of the Daguerreotype art, when he was practising at 62 Milk, and 75 Court street, he often used to say "that he had not a doubt of the process being perfected," and he has always been intent to attain his present position as the best artist in his line. Mr. Ormsbee has the "largest Miniature House in the world." It is fitted up in the very highest order of beauty, and conveniently arranged, at No. 203 Washington, corner of Bromfield streets, Boston, where residents and strangers are invited to call and examine a large number of fine specimens. --------------------------------------------------------------- 07-28-97

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