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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

The news is fairly quiet, so I will give something today that has no specific date correlation. The following advertisement appeared among other various advertisements in the "Index to Vol. XXI" for the 1843 "New York Observer": - - - - - - - - NATIONAL MINIATURE GALLERY, No. 247 Broadway, South corner of Murray street, 2d floor, New York. The attention of ladies and gentlemen, visiting or residing in the city of New York, is respectfully invited to the above Gallery, where may be seen at any time of the day, and without charge, the likenesses of the United States Senators, distinguished members of the House of Representatives, Judges of the Supreme Court, Officers of the Army and Navy, and other eminent Americans, taken by the Daguerreotype, in the most beautiful style, and with great care and accuracy, principally with a view of their being engraved. Miniature Likenesses by the improved Daguerreotype, of the most delicate execution, and possessing all the natural colors, may be obtained at the above rooms during the day. A limited number of pupils will be received for a thorough course of instruction in the art, on reasonable terms. Apparatus and Materials connected with the art, warranted in all respects, constantly on hand and for sale. je 17 ANTHONY, EDWARD & CHILTON. -------------------------------------------------------------- 08-11-99

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