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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (September 11) in the year 1845, the following advertisements appeared in the "Scientific American" (New York) Vol 1, No. 3 (11 September 1845) page 4: - - - - - - - - - - DAGUERREOTYPES PRATT & CO.'S GALLERY OF COLOURED PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 29 Broadway, Laforge Buildings, Rooms Nos. 31 and 32, up Stairs. E. W. Pratt, late operator for Plumbe, flatters himself that he can give as good satisfaction as any other professor of the art. The public are requested to call and examine specimens. Prices will vary from $1 to $15. Likeness of deceased persons taken in any part of this city and vicinity. Plates, Chemicals and Cases for sale at the lowest prices Instruction will be given on more reasonable terms than at any other establishment in the city. au22 * * * * * DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES! PLATES !! PLATES !!!--To Daguerreotype Artists and Amateurs.-- In consequence of repeated complaints from Artists of failures to obtain fine Portraits, from imperfections in the Plates, the subscriber begs leave to inform them that he is manufacturing Plates of a superior quality to any that have hitherto been used in this country. These Plates have been fairly tried, and tested by several of the most experienced and skilful operators in the United States, from whom he has received certificates that they are superior to any Plates they have ever used before. * * * * * DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUSM AND MATERIALS.--JOHN ROACH, Optician, manufacturing, and has on hand all articles of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process. Plates, Cases and Chemicals can be had as cheap, if not cheaper, than from any other establishment, all warranted of good quality. Cameras of his own manufacture, as well as French and German ones. Any article or instrument sold will not be represented to be of different manufacture from what it really is. Orders from the country, by express or otherwise, will be punctually attended to. au23 -------------------------------------------------------------- 09-11-99

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