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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (September 12) in the year 1848, the following advertisement appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (This advertisement is headed with a small wood-engraving of a eagle over an embellished, round crest: "PLUMBE'S DAGUERREOTYPES / 50 CENTS / 75 COURT St. BOSTON / GOLD MEDAL AWARDED TO PLUMBE") R. PLUMBE, 75 COURT STREET, the only manu- facturer in the world of the following novel and beauti- ful Plumbeotype articles, for which measures have been taken to secure a Patent, viz: Breast and Scarf Pins; Walking Canes; Heads for Canes, Umbrellas and Para- sols; Medals: bureau and Door Knobs; Curtain and Hat Pins; Work, Wafer and Snuff Boxes; Coat, Vest and Ladies' Buttons; Ink and Cologne Stands; Letter Stamps; Thread Spools; Ornamental Screws; Furniture Ornaments; Picture Frames; Mantel Ornaments, &c. These articles are embellished with PLUMBEOTYPES of Distinguished characters, such as all the different Can- didates for the Presidency: Messrs J. Q. Adams, Web- ster, Clay, Calhoun, Winthrop, Choate, Hale, Longel- low, Neal, Conrad, Halleck, Poe, Pakenham, &c; and the exceedingly low prices at which they are sold aston- ish every purchaser. 1c sept12 (Note from Gary: This advertisement is intriguing: Are these "Plumbeotype "embellishments" referring to daguerreotypes or rather to lithographs/engravings made from Plumbe daguerreotypes? Does anybody know of extant examples? And is the "R." in "R. Plumbe" a mis-print instead of a "J." for "John"? Or is this another Plumbe-relative operating a side business of daguerreian-embellished articles?) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 09-12-96

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