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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (September 15) in the year 1854, the following poem appeared in "Humphrey's Journal" Vol. 6, No. 11 (15 September 1854) page 175: - - - - - - - - - --WILLARD ELLIS GEER, who is Daguerreotyping on wheels, caters for custom in the following poetical style. We are well aware that Poetry and Science do not go hand-in-hand; but as variety is the spice of life, we give "these few lines" for the benefit of those wishing to advertise in verse:-- "Attention the People! I wish to suggest To all persons, where they can do best; My Daguerrean Car is now wide awake, And I am ready and able good types to make; I've every convenience to take young and old, And make as fine pictures as ever was sold; I wish to remind you that this is the place, Where, with a fine light, the features I trace, And with its assistance--the light of the sky-- Never need fail to procure "a good eye;" With a shade, and without, I can bring them to light-- But a neat shaded picture I think about right; I can put them in Rings, in Keys, or in Lockets; Or in nice little Cases to slip into your pockets; Or in neater ones still, on your parlor table to lay, Which are inlaid with pearl, and call'd "Papier Mache;" Jenny Linds and the like, too numerous to mention, But to dwell on these is not my intention. In a word, I've Cases of all kinds, single and double, Lockets too, of all sizes, which saves you all trouble Of looking any farther than my Daguerrean Gallery, Now at ..........................to all visitors free. I've supplied all at "Muttonville," work from my "Ark"-- Each person a Daguerreotype--the village a "Park;" Therefore, many thanks to my patrons be tendered, For the abundant patronage they've ever rendered, And just in conclusion, I invite one and all. Take "Time by the fore-top," and give GEER a call-- For I've all things ready, plate, bright as ever shone, And for one dollar, I'll give as fine a type as ever was known." -------------------------------------------------------------- 09-15-99

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