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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Greetings all! I recently came across the RealAudio file of the Howard Berkis interview with Robert Shlaer. (Hardly needing introduction, Robert Shlaer is a modern daguerreotypist.) If you have web access, here's how to access the file: You may need to sign up for a use name and password that will be promptly returned to you via email. After receiving your user information, go back to the RealAudio homepage at: http://www.realaudio.com Starting from the "Sites and Sounds" (left) menu bar, select the following sequence of links: NPR / NPR Archives / Morning Edition / 1996 February / February 8 / "Howard Berkis profiles a man in Utah..." (last entry for the day) The streaming audio file is seven minutes in length. Enjoy! - - - - - - - - - - On this day (October 16) in the year 1850, the following notice appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript" under the heading "Telegraphic! [by Morse's line--for the Transcript" in regards to the arrival of Jenny Lind in Philadelphia: THE FIRST TICKET IN PHILADELPHIA. A despatch (for which we are indebted to Mr. Pearson of the Revere House) says: The first ticket brought $625 premium--bought by M.A. Root, Daguerreotypist. Some few tickets afterwards sold for $12 premium, and then settled down at par--$3. There was but one bid besides's Root's for the first ticket--that of Fetridge of Boston, who bid $600. The bidding is very dull, and choice seats in the first tier are not all disposed of. (as usual...original errors of spelling/grammar maintained.--G.E.) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 10-16-96

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