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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (October 16) in the year 1845, the following text appeared in the "Scientific American" (Vol. 1, No. 8, page 3): - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Included under the heading of:) The Great Fair. THE EIGHTEENTH FAIR AT THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE, . . . Gurney's Daguerreotypes.--There is a great competition in this branch, and many sets of superb specimens, by different artists, are exhibited; but we feel constrained to say, that a few of the specimens from the rooms of Mr. Gurney, 189 Broadway, approach nearer to absolute perfection, than anything of the kind we have seen: it is difficult to realize that they are not real life. * * * * * * * * * Two articles that may be of interest: This note in from Linda Ries: The journal PENNSYLVANIA HISTORY has produced a special issue on History of Photography in Pennsylvania (Spring 1997, vol 64, #2), which I guest edited. Though it's the spring issue, it din't come out until this past august due to one printer screw up or another. Anyway, it features articles by: Sarah Weatherwax, 'Two Marcus Root Daguerreotypes' Jay Ruby, 'Frances Cooper, Avocational Photographer' Thomas M. Weprich, 'Pioneer Photographers in Pittsburgh, PA' Heinz and Bridget Henisch, 'John F. Nice of Williamsport' Gary D. Saretzky, 'Elias Goldensky: Wizard of Photography' Cheryl Leibold, 'Thomas Eakins, Photographer' Brian Black, 'Recasting the Unalterable Order Nature: Photography and the First Oil Boom' (using John A. Mather's phhotographs) Edward Leos, 'Mifflin and Engle: the Painter and the Practitioner' John V. Jezierski, '"Dangerous Opportunity"': Glenalvon J. Goodridge and Early Photography in York, PA Marcy Silver Flynn, 'Amateur Experiences: Julius Sachse and Photography' Carol Front, 'The Raymond E. Holland Regional and Industrial History Collection' Pennsylvania History is published by the Pennsylvania Historical Association, based at Penn State. They are being sold via the Publications Division of the Penna. Historical & Museum Commission, and I have purchased all extra issues, which I am selling at $10.00 each. Checks or money orders can be sent to me: Linda A. Ries 500 Ninth Street New Cumberland, PA 17070 work phone, 717-787-3023 You can also e-mail me at the above address, I share this address with Cindy Bendroth, which is why her name is up there, not mine. I have gotten lots of positive feedback on the issue, hope you all enjoy it!! Regards, Linda Ries * * * * I recently obtained a copy of the September 1993 Carolina Comments (Vol XLI, #5) which includes an article by Stephen E. Massengill, "'Portraits by the Sunlight Made': Daguerrean Artists in North Carolina, 1842-1861." The issue is still available and quite inexpensive. Here is information from a return e-mail note from the publishing organization: $2.00 plus $2.00 for shipping. Send a check or money order made payable to NC Dept. of Cultural Resources to Division of Archives & History Historical Publications Section 109 E. Jones Street Raleigh, NC 27601-2816 Our web site is located at: http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/hp/ Trudy Rayfield, Administrative Secretary Historical Publications Section, Division of Archives & History N.C. Department of Cultural Resources 109 E. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601-2816 trayfield@ncsl.dcr.state.nc.us -------------------------------------------------------------- 10-16-97

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