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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

A few minutes afterward, the operator approches. "We have succeeded admirable, madame, your portrait is very distinct." "Oh, how glad I am" where is it, monsieur?" "A few minutes more, madame; have patience." After waiting a quarter of an hour, the portrait is at last to be had; it is very like; but the lady sighs as she looks at it. "How mournful it is. There is something in these portraits, which betrays that it is no mortal hand which has executed them; one would think that nature, to punish us for prying into her secrets, would injure us in revealing them." The above passage is from a short story titled "Sketches of Paris. THE DAGUERREOTYPE." and appeared in the October 1843 issue of Godey's Lady's Book. The full text is available for the asking. Simply drop me a note and I'll happily send you the full text. (a 15k file) ----------------------------------------------------- Also for today (October 18) in the year 1851, the "Illustrated London News" (No. 525, Vol. XIX)printed a list of the prizes awarded to exhibitors at the Crystal Palace: --------------- CLASS X.--(jury10.) PHILOSOPHICAL INSTRUMENTS, AND PROCESSES DEPENDING UPON THEIR USE: MUSICAL, HOROLOGICAL, AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. PRIZE MEDAL. . . .(among the list were the following) Brady, M B, United States, Daguerreotypes Lawrence, M M, United State, Daguerreotype Whipple, J A. United States, Daguerreotype of the moon ----------------------------------------------------------------- 10-18-95

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