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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (November 1) in the year 1856, the following advertisements appeared in the "Public Ledger" (Philadelphia; Vol. XLII, No. 36.) Today's group of brief items demonstrates the demise of the daguerreotype and its supplanting by both paper photography and the ambrotype. - - - - - - - - - - - FROM AN ORDINARY Daguerreotype a beautiful Photograph may be made, of any size, either in oil or water colors, Indian ink or Crayon, by applying to McClees, Photographer, No. 160 Chesnut street, near Jones' Hotel. * * * * * * THE MOST FASTIDIOUS are pleased with their Daguerreotypes or Ambrotypes, if made at REI- MER's Rooms, SECOND Street, above Green. *313 * * * * * COLORED PHOTOGRAPH MINIATURES for the coming Holidays, are made in great numbers at GERMON'S Rooms, 168 CHESNUT St. *420 * * * * * DAGUERREOTYPE MINIATURES and POR- TRAITS faithfully copied and colored, true to the original, by the Photograph process, at GER- MON'S ROOMS. 168 CHESNUT St. no1-1t*421 * * * * * A CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY --Any one wishing to learn the DAGUERREOTYPE BU- SINESS, with all the new improvements, will call at BENNET'S, S. E. corner of EIGHT and RACE Streets, over the Drug Store. no1-1t*327 -------------------------------------------------------------- 11-01-97

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