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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (November 17) in the year 1855, the following advertisement appeared in the "Raleigh Register" (Raleigh, North Carolina) page 1: - - - - - - - - - - COPLANDS' GALLERY. Come, Ladies fair, and Gentlemen, who want a likeness true, Come to my Portrait Gallery, and I will give it you; I'll paint your portraits large as life, and very cheap will make 'em. And when they're done, if you don't like 'em-- why you needn't take 'em. I also take daguerrotypes, and take 'em in a hurry, And if you'll come and sit for one, I'll not you patience worry. My light is soft, yet very strong--my fixtures all complete, And all I ask you, is, to come along and take a seat. Come bring your wives and little ones, and bring your pretty daughter, and patronize a Native--now I really think you ought to. My rooms you'll find above the Store of Samuel Young, (Esq.) All carpeted, and neat, and clean and warmed up with a fire. From morning till the close of day, you'll find me at my station, And now, to one and all, I give a cordial invita- tion, to come and examine specimens of my skill in portrait and daguerreotype. Hoping these few lines will find the public "enjoying the same great blessing," I subscribe myself, very respectfully, O. P. COPELAND. P. S. The subscriber continues to give lessons in drawing and painting, and will visit the sur- rounding country, when desired to do so, for the purpose of painting the portraits of families. Raleigh, Nov. 12th 1855. 91-t1J. (Thanks to Stephen Massengill of North Carolina for today's item.) -------------------------------------------------------------- 11-17-97

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