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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

A happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm glad to be back after the most unpleasant experience of being without electrical power for an entire week. Spokane (where I live) experienced an incredible ice-storm on November 19th. It resulted in an beautiful and other-worldy landscape of blown-glass trees and fields. It wasn't, however, friendly to flora or fauna. It is now Thanksgiving morning and the house is again warm and will soon be filled with the waftings of the Thanksgiving meal. Ah!...I'm thankful for rather simple pleasures this year. --------------------------------------------- However, on this day (November 28) in the year 1846, Our friend Langenheim wasn't as fortunate, as reported in the "Saturday Courier" (Philadelphia; Vol. 16., No. 38): GAS EXPLOSION. Mr. Langenheim, the Daguerreotypist, in the Exchange, and his assistant, Mr. Linn, were considerably burnt, one day last week, by an explosion of gas, while making experiments in their business. * * * * Also two advertisements in the same paper on the same date... D A G U E R R E O T Y P E S T O C K.--THE PROPRIE- TOR of the P L U M B E N A T I O N A L D A G U E R R E I A N G A L L E R Y having recently made arrangements with French, English, and German manufacturers, for large monthly sup- plies of Daguerreotype Stock, such as camera plates and cases of all sizes; Chemicals of every kind, and other articles used in the art, is enabled to sell such articles at much lower prices than formerly, and even lower than any other establishment. For the furtherance of this object, he has taken the store at the South-East corner of FIFTH and CHESNUT Streets, where he will be happy to wait upon those who may favor him with their custom. He would particularly remind indivi- duals engaged in the art at a distance, that their orders will be faithfully and punctually attended to, and on fully as good terms, as though they were present in person. Now on hand as above, a full supply of every article for the trade. 1t* D A G U E R R I A N R O O M S, 116 CHESNUT STREET, Philadelphia, by T. B. Shew.-Portraits, $1,50 to $10, perfect and colored. Plates, cases, apparatus, chemicals, &c. for sale at the lowest rates. Instructions given on reasonable terms. Ap 11 6m* ----------------------------------------------------------------- 11-28-96

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