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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

On this day (December 29) in the year 1852, the following advertisement appeared in the "Daily Evening Transcript" (Boston) page 3: - - - - - - - - - - - - AMORY HALL. _________ J O N E S 'S P A N T O S C O P E . The Plains--Salt Lake City--and California, FAITHFULLY PAINTED, BY THE BEST ARTISTS OF THIS COUNTRY, FROM 1500 DAGUERREOTYPES, taken express- ly for this purpose, at an enormous expense, by J WES- LEY JONES, Artist Traveller and Lecturer, representing the entire route from the Missouri River, by way of Platic River, Chimney Rock, Fort Laramie and Great Salt Lake City to California, and from there through all the prominent Diggings, Rivers, Towns and Cities, includ- ing the Quicksilver Mines, Sacramento, Stockholm and San Francisco-- THE LARGEST PAINTING IN THE WORLD! Now for the first time exhibited--EVERY EVENING, and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER- NOONS. Doors open at 6 1/2 o'clock--Lecture to commence at 7 o'clock P. M. Afternoons at 2--Lecture to commence at 2 1/2 o'clock P. M. Admission 25 cents. Centre Seats reserved for 50 cts. Children under 12, half price. istc| dec24 (A note from Gary: I'll mention that a delightful and diminuative publication gives further information about these "...best artists of this country...": "At enormous expense he fitted out a Daguerreotype carriage, and employed the first artists, Wm. Shew, Esq., of Boston,; Jacob Shew, of Baltimore; and S. L. Shaw, of New Orleans; to travel with him; daguerreotyping all the richest and most characteristic scenery of this magnificent country..." --John Ross Dix, Esq., "Amusing and Thrilling Adventures of a California Artist, while Daguerreotyping a Continent, Amid Burning Deserts, Savages, and Perpetual Snows. And a Poetical Companion to the Pantoscope of California, Nebraska & Kansas,Salt Lake & the Mormons. From 1500 Daguerreotypes." [Boston: Published by the Author, 1854] pg. 40 I'll mention that this title is available on microcard...not the friendliest format, and probably only available at major university libraries.) (Original errors of spelling/grammar maintained, including the obvious mis-identification of Stockton as "Stockholm.") -------------------------------------------------------------- 12-29-97

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