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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

October 1843
Godey's Lady's Book
Ewer archive: P8430004
author name: Paul de Kock (Sarah Howitt, trans.)
text title: "Sketches of Paris: The Daguerreotype"
notes: An illustrated tale of a daguerreotypist and his customers.
keywords: Sarah Howitt, Sketches of Paris
Ewer archive: B8490001
author name: George Pickering Burnham
title: Gleanings from the Portfolio of the "Young 'Un"
text title: "Where Where You Last Night at Twelve?: A Judicial Sketch"
notes: A tale about a judge having his portrait taken at the daguerreotype gallery of Southworth and Hawes.
keywords: George Pickering Burnham, Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, Tremont Row
25 March 1848
Spirit of the Times (New York)
Ewer archive: N8480002
text title: "Daguerreotype Portraits"
notes: A fictional piece of humor regarding the requests of sitters.
Ewer archive: B8520001
author name: Anna Hanson Dorsey
book title: Woodreve Manor: or, Six Months in Town
notes: Two passages in this work of fiction describe a daguerreotype gallery identified by the author as "Whitehurst's handsome gallery"
keywords: Anna Hanson Dorsey, Jesse Whitehurst
Ewer archive: B8540001
author name: Oliver Optic [pseud. William Taylor Adams]
text title: "The Two Daguerreotypes: A Temperance Tale"
book title: Indoors and Out: or, Views from the Chimney Corner
notes: An illustrated, moral tale wherein the daguerreotype is central to the plot.
keywords: Oliver Optic, William Taylor Adams
supplemental file: graphic and basic notes
December 1854
Photographic and Fine Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8540008
author name: "Justice"
text title: "The Trials of a Day; or, an Artists Troubles"
notes: A lengthy humorous, fictional tale certainly based on various experiences.
keywords: "Justice"
Ewer archive: B8550001
author name: Sarah Roberts
text title: "An Hour in a Daguerrian Gallery"
book title: The Amaranth; or, Token of Remembrance. A Christmas and New Year's Gift for 1855
notes: A fictional tale with a moral message
keywords: Sarah Roberts
Ewer archive: B8570001
author name: Anne E. Guild
book title: Grandmother Lee's Portfolio (selected text)
notes: A work of juvenile fiction with an illustration. Describes Whipple's gallery.
keywords: Anne E. Guild, John Adams Whipple, steam
15 January 1857
American Journal of Photography
Ewer archive: P8570004
text title: "How Miss Hobbs Found Her Bracelet"
notes: A humorous fictional tale in which the daguerreotype enables the detection of a deceit.
keywords: "Miss Hobbs", Alexander Hesler
June 1857
Godey's Lady's Book
Ewer archive: P8570001
author name: Virginia De Forrest
text title: "Mrs. Daffodil's Shopping Expedition"
notes: A humorous tale which includes a trip to Root's daguerreotype gallery
keywords: Virginia De Forrest, "Mrs. Daffodil," Marcus A. Root
17 July 1858
Ballou's Pictorial
Ewer archive: P8580001
author name: A. Mortimer Cleveland
text title: "The Daguerreotype"
notes: A romantic tale of intrigue
keywords: A. Mortimer Cleveland
29 March 1894
Youth's Companion
Ewer archive: P8940003
author name: Annie Fellows-Johnston
text title: "An Old Daguerreotype"
notes: A short story, with two illustrations.
keywords: Annie Fellows-Johnston
11 February 1917
New-York Tribune
Ewer archive: N9170001
author name: Robert C. Benchley
text title: "Unpublished Portraits"
notes: An illustrated humorous article about both the (supposed) addiction to having one's daguerreotype taken, and the unending supply of the "hitherto unpublished portrait."
keywords: Robert C. Benchley
10 May 1917
Youth's Companion (Boston)
Ewer archive: P9170002
author name: C. A. Stephens
text title: "That Mysterious 'Daguerreotype Saloon'"
notes: An fiction tale of two girls and an old traveling daguerreotype saloon; with illustration.
keywords: C. A. Stephens, Charles Asbury Stephens, traveling daguerreotype saloon, wagon