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Maine Register
Ewer archive: P8550001
name: Southworth, Albert and Josiah Hawes
notes: An advertisement illustrated with a wood engraving of the the Grand Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope.
keywords: Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, Grand Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope
11 September 1851
New-York Daily Tribune
Ewer archive: N8510037
name: Thompson, Josiah W.
notes: A text advertisement for fifty-cent daguerreotypes.
keywords: Josiah W. Thompson, 315 Broadway, fifty-cent daguerreotypes
31 July 1842
Atlas (New York)
Ewer archive: N8420002
name: Van Loan, M. D.
notes: Three text advertisements: M. D. Van Loan, John Roach, E. White.
keywords: Matthew D. Van Loan, John Roach, Edward White
9 January 1846
Christian Watchman
Ewer archive: P8460005
name: Vance, Robert H. and John A. Lerow
notes: A text advertisement for the partnership of Vance and Lerow, Boston.
keywords: Robert H. Vance, John A. Lerow, 91 Washington Street
7 October 1851
New-York Times
Ewer archive: N8510001
name: Vance, Robert H.
notes: A text advertisement for the New York exhibition of Vance's daguerreotype views of California.
keywords: Robert H. Vance, three hundred 300 lost daguerreotypes, panoramic California views